What’s Varietal Honey?

Honey is so much more than just honey. It’s an all-natural sweetener that has more than 300 different flavor profiles, representing the range of varietal honey available in the United States.

What defines each variety’s flavor and color is the nectar source that the honey bees visit. The color of honey can range from a delicate, nearly colorless hue to dark, rich brown, and the flavor varies from delectably mild to distinctively bold. Typically, the flavor of lighter honey is delicate and mild, while darker honey has a stronger, bolder flavor. Because of the floral sources from which honey originates, no two honeys are exactly alike in flavor, color or nutritional content.

Here at Peet Apiaries our honey is pure, raw and unfiltered. We bottle our honey in small batches under the label ‘Gold Country Honey’. It is harvested according to the seasons (spring, summer, fall) which not only offers different flavors and colors but also contains seasonal pollen that may be helpful for those suffering from seasonal allergies due to the different floral sources in our area (Calaveras & San Joaquin Counties). Our honeys range in color from light to very dark… in taste from barely sweet to very sweet, a little fruity, a little zingy and all the way to bold. It’s truly amazing at the differences… and you thought you knew honey! Experience this gift from nature and the hard working honey bee for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.