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Gold Country Honey

Gold Country HoneyGold Country Honey is 100% pure, raw and unfiltered, it is not heated like commercially processed honey (which kills all the good enzymes) and it is strained not filtered. Straining removes small wax particles but leaves the beneficial pollen.

We harvest according to the seasons (spring, summer, fall) which not only offers different flavors and colors, due to the different floral sources in our area (Calaveras & San Joaquin Counties), but also contains seasonal pollen that may be helpful for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Some of our customers express real success in controlling their seasonal allergies while enjoying our honey. The honey from each of our apiary locations is harvested in small batches throughout the year and kept separate which enables us to supply each store with a varietal honey that was collected within 25 miles of the store! How’s that for local honey?

Our honeys range in color from light to very dark… in taste from barely sweet to very sweet, a little fruity, a little zingy and all the way to bold. The differences are truly amazing… and you thought you knew honey! Experience this gift from nature and the hard working honey bee for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!