Apiary Hosting

What is Apiary Hosting?
Apiary hosting is letting a beekeeper put their beehives on your property. By hosting an apiary on your property, you’ll be helping our honeybees find food. If you grow a garden, you’ll benefit from superior pollination and a bigger harvest. And if you just like honey, then you’ll have honey made from your own flowers and flora in your surrounding area!

Here are some things that we look for in a good location:

  • A level area with good road access
  • A water source within 1/4 mile or so
  • No close neighbors or bears
  • An extended bloom period in the surrounding area, spring, summer and fall

Our goal is to sell the “most local honey” possible. In order to do that we need to spread our beehives out in different locations throughout San Joaquin, Calaveras and Stanislaus counties. For instance, in order to supply our customers in Lodi with “local honey”, we need to have beehives near Lodi. Makes sense, right?

We are always looking for new locations for our hives. Typically, we place about twenty hives at our host locations, and use no more than 1000 sqft of space. We keep the area clean and attempt to “leave no trace” on our hosts’ property. Please contact us if you are interested!